This is Where I Can Keep Coming Back to Eat in Zurich – Cafe Boy

Oh Boy! That was ZuriGirl’s exact exclamation when seeing yummy-looking dishes brought to the table at Café Boy. They looked more like dishes you would see at fancy restaurants, rather than at a casual, big dining hall in a retro-looking building, especially on this side of Zurich Sihlfeld. The food concept here is different. And everything was just delicious. The contrast in low-key venue and high-note gourmet made ZuriGirl so curious to find out the story behind.

The building was built almost a hundred years ago and used by the pro-left in the days of fascism. In 1934 Café Boy was opened by the left thinkers as a restaurant and a meeting place to public. Since 2010 the current Café Boy was assumed under the new team of Jann M. Hoffmann und Stefan Iseli; the former in charge of the kitchen and the latter of wine. They have a long track record in gastro experience and are passionate about dining and wining. While they made the restaurant contemporary and serve food in the nouvelle-cuisine style, they decided to keep the original name “Café Boy,” as well as the oversized, retro-font-typed sign in front of the entrance.

The Food:


Freshness and ingredients well sourced seem to be the heart of the cuisine at Café Boy. You could get that quickly either from the menu or from the way Stefan described each dish. They feature their suppliers with proud words. And each day they serve seasonal daily specials from ingredients they get for the day. On the day ZuriGirl was there, we tried Baked Brie with honeyed fig which was creamily divined, seared scallops with crispy manioc roots and orange sections, duck breast served pink on a bed of balsamic lentils and apple, and lamb sausage with the creamiest polenta ever. All four dishes were so delicious we couldn’t decide which one we liked better. Each dish was well designed to have a balance of flavors and texture. We wish we could try every dish on the menu! And when you wish to try everything like this, the best news is course menu. Here you can order a 3-course with which the chef will surprise you at CHF 69.00 or CHF 60.00 for vegetarian menu. Even better, you can order every dish in a smaller portion so you can try many more.


Small plates cost between CHF 13.00 to CHF 22.00, main dishes from CHF 22.00 to CHF 45.00, and desserts from CHF 12.50 to CHF 14.50.

At lunch there is a 2-course set menu which changes daily. We can just keep going back!

Baked Brie

Baked Brie

Lamb sausage

The Drinks:

Stefan calls himself a ‘weinfreak,’ which reflects in a wine card of 10+ Pages. On Café Boy’s website there is a section “Stefan’s Weintipps” which he couldn’t resist to share. Well, he didn’t disappoint us!

Apart from that lengthy list of wine, the bar is also well stocked with other divine elixirs. You can start with a house cocktail or an apero, wrap up your meal with sweet wine or spirits. Or if you come for a light meal here (if that is ever possible,) you can order tea or coffee to go along with small bites and desserts.

The ambience

Imagine a hall for group gathering a hundred years ago – high ceiling, spacious, big windows. The décor is minimal; just a simple room with white wall filled with tables and wooden chairs. Nothing to be excited about, but it gives an easy-going and casual feeling. It can mislead to a low expectation about the food, but in a way, it could be a signal that it is food that matters and not the décor.

Why We Love It:

Gastronomic experience is enjoyable, but it could be tiring if the setting is too much. Café Boy is perfect for times when we fancy gourmet cuisine but don’t want to dress up or wait for special occasions. It’s all about food created from well-chosen ingredients. And there is no reason why we have to keep fancy dishes only for birthdays and anniversaries!

The Location

Café Boy is at the corner of Sihlfeld and Kochstrasse in a quiet residential neighborhood. There are street parking spots around the area, or a short walk from Lochergut tram stop on Badenerstrasse. You can miss a giant sign on the building “Café Boy.”

Address: Kochstrasse 2, 8004 Zürich

Phone:044 240 40 24

Zuri Girl Tips:

Every few month or so there is a dining event held like degustation menu with wild fruits and berry schnaps, or wine paring event. Check it out.

Photo credit (non-food photos): Café Boy website

Original article can be read at


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