Everybody is Happy Dining Here – Kitchen Battle

Kitchen Battle

Kitchen Battle

How about by giving, you get back more? How about by eating, you feed someone else too? And how about by competing, you do a kind and good deed?

Yes, such idea exists. And it is the concept of Kitchen Battle annually organized by Cuisine san Frontieres. Not only that it works, the event has been such a success that this year in 2014, it was run for the 6th time in Zurich and the 2nd time in Bern. Curious? Here what it’s all about.

Cuisine san Frontieres (CSF), headquartered in Zurich, is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing meeting places and training centers promoting culture and communication in crisis zones. It is financed through private donations, membership fees, gastro-cultural events, and public funds. The type of projects CSF runs is around food culture; such as community kitchens, guesthouses, or bakeries. The projects aim to sustainably improve the living conditions of the local population by providing assistance to promote local economic independence. A team of experts from the catering industry travels to the locations for the evaluation and set-up of the projects. The members of the volunteer project staff work free of charge. After established, projects would be handed over to the local organization or communities for long-term continuation.


The Kitchen Battle is CSF’s most important fundraising tool to support its projects. The best part is; it benefits not only the communities in projects, but also the contributors. This is the genius of its concept. Diners buy dining tickets at CHF 120 per person to enjoy an excellent 3-course dinner and entertainment of Kitchen Battle in a unique ambience at Rote Fabrik. The battle is competed by well-known restaurants such as Quay 61, Wirtschaft im Franz, and Drei Stuben, for example. That itself is already worth the price of a meal. The competition winner gets a badge of honor which, who knows, soon may become another big credentials in Switzerland’s gastronomic scene. And of course, CSF’s projects get their funding to help communities which can be half the world away.

How does the battle works? Each night two culinary teams cook live in front of an audience. They learn what ingredients they get at 10:00 a.m. and have a few hours to design the menu. In the afternoon they prepare the dishes. Guests arrive at 18:00 and from then they would enjoy watch live cooking show on stage and dining. The guests also judge each course and elect the winning team along with the five-member jury. The winner of each evening gets to move into the next round until the final-round night. The event is accompanied by music and a presentation of the projects. Isn’t it awesome?P1060343 P1060337 P1060336 P1060340

Well, if you would like to attend, this year it is already over. But you can get ready for 2015. Watch out and be quick to grab a ticket or two because this years, tickets of approximately 130 seats per night times 5 nights were sold out in half an hour! On-going projects such as a school for professional cooking in Tskaltubo, Georgia, a kitchen for a school in Selo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and CSF’s first project in Switzerland – a diner at the asylum center at Juch facility in Zurich Altstetten surely will still need your support next year. How nice would it be when you can dine and wine and somebody else gets full too? More satisfyingly, not only you will feel well-fed gastronomically, but spiritually as well.

Shall we make a Girlfriend do-good-deed night out next year?


More information: Kitchen Without Border

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