Ever Imagine a Role Reversal of Meat and Vegetable Like This? That’s the Concept at Essbar Zurich.


Why do things have to be the way they are? Who set the rules? What if the coins are flipped? We have heard a lot about roles reversal and paradigm shift especially when it comes to work life or relationship. But what about things as simple as food? Yes, what if main star of the dish becomes vegetables and meat turns an accompaniment, or a side dish?

There you go! Never thought about it? Someone did, and has turned it into a great, creative restaurant idea that we love!

The Food:

At Essbar vegetables are the star. A lot of us want to have healthy consumptions but are not yet ready to forsake meats. We yearn for wholesome, clean, nutritious food but at the same time tasty and beautiful gastronomy is important to our appetite. A dilemma for health-conscious omnivores is now resolved at Essbar. The solution is a role reversal between vegetables and meats. Brilliant!

Brussels sprout, polenta, caramelized onions, and lamp main dish.

Brussels sprout, polenta, caramelized onions, and lamp main dish.

The appetizer for Zuri Girl was beetroot salad with baby rocket leaves and a touch of cheese flakes, with 2 thin slices of house marinated salmon. Freshness and sweetness of the vegetables are already very pleasing, and small bites of salmon added a zing to it. That was enough for the role of the fish indeed. Why would we want more? The soup was a real vegetarian dish which came close to convince us to say goodbye to meat. Smooth and velvety texture of cauliflower cream soup was dialed up with prominent orange flavor and sesame oil. Divine. And there came the main course of Brussels sprouts. Yes, grilled Brussels sprouts are presented sumptuously in the middle of the dish on top of orange polenta, and a small piece of lamb was placed as if a garnish alongside. Chic, isn’t it, a role reversal? Enhanced with caramelized onions, the melt-in-the-mouth lamb was indeed heavenly, but we couldn’t deny sprouts and polenta were the star. Tempting desserts in the menu were poppy seed Panna Cotta with plum and chocolate mousse with wild berry compote, but we were too full to try. A meal with vegetables as main can be that filling, and fulfilling without loading with carb!

Beetroot salad

Beetroot salad

Cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup

The Drinks:

Of course Essbar features healthy smoothies and fresh vegetable and fruit juices, but it also has delicious coffee menu and a great selection of wine. With that you can choose your meal to be a truly ‘clean’ one, a wine-paring degustation, or even an afternoon bites with great coffee or tea.


The ambience

Essbar décor is fresh, vibrant, trendy, yet a bit raw and natural as its food and concept. Zuri Girl loves a long communal table made of two long planks of rustic wood that leads the eyes to a bright green wall decorated with colorful objects. The tone is fresh green and bright pink. Big windows along 3 sides give openness to the space. The ambience could not be more suitable for a restaurant that serves such soulful food.

P1050883 P1050885 P1050888

Why We Love It:

Because we can be good to our body without depriving our gastronomic soul! Wholesome consumption does not have to be torturing when we are not ready for it. And on the day we want to be a pure vegetarian, we don’t have to dine alone anymore because the meat-eater mates can come along. This is an epitome of wholesomeness – all for your body, mind, and spirit in one.

Oh and it has to be mentioned that most of the dishes on the menu are marked gluten-free and lactose-free. Other food allergic people can inform them and rest assured you’re a in a good hand.


The Location

Essbar is right at the corner of Badenerstrasse and Ankerstrasse where a tram stop is right in front. Very convenient and centrally located.

Zuri Girl Tips:

Try their house Iced Tea. It is very fruity and refreshing with a hint of ginger. Awesome.


Badenerstrasse 101, Zürich, Switzerland.

Phone 044 241 15 41

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EssbarZuerich

The original story can be at read at Girlfriend Guide to Zurich



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