It’s Hard to Focus at Restaurant Focus

Bellini with a view to die for

Bellini with a view to die for

Why? Because how could you not be distracted from the food when the view is THAT killing? Ok, not to mention that you still have your date to focus on. And it is THE place to go with your date. So, it is simply impossible here at Restaurant Focus to stay focus only on one thing, be it the man of your heart, the heavenly food, the killing view of the Alps and Lake Lucerne, or superb wine from the cellar of 30,000 bottles!

The Food:
Focus is a new star kid on the Michelin block. When the star rating for 2014 was released, foodies in Switzerland were all crying ooh and aah because a new restaurant Focus made a beautiful start on the list with 2 stars right in the first year. And it deserves the decoration. The menu is simple; there are 9 dishes which you can choose a course of 4, 6, 8 or a complete tasting menu at CHF 150, CHF 180, CHF 210, or CHF 225 respectively. When ZuriGirl went in June the menu featured Mackerel, King Crab, Pea, Asparagus, Spring Lamb, Luma Pork, Cheese, Strawberry, and Wheatgrass. The ingredients for each dish deliver a creative flavor combination; like the lamb comes with nettle, turnips, and sorrel, or the king crab come with sweetheart cabbage, algae, and lemon. And that is how each dish is described on the menu – only the list of ingredients. The rest is to be discovered by yourself. But the real surprise is the bread, which the restaurant proudly features on the menu a dish counted as one course, and it was brought to the table as it was really one. The wheat is specially grown in Manitoba, Canada. It is just so delicious and worth the boastful presentation.

The dessert of wheatgrass is also to remember. It comes with cream cheese, rapeseed oil, and light crumble on top. For once you feel that dessert detoxifies you rather than intoxicating.


The Drinks:
Focus boasts its six wine cellars, 30,000 bottles of wine from old and new worlds, 4,000 types of wine that have the value of more than 25 million CHF. Being one of the most extensive wine cellars in Europe, they are legitimate to show off their status as you will see bottles and bottles through the glass walls of the cellars greeting when you enter the restaurant. You will surely find something of your likings. Otherwise, the knowledgeable sommelier will do an excellent job for you. ZuriGirl loves the Chateau des Tours she recommends and notes it one of the best wine ever tried.


The ambience
Situating on the shore of Lake Lucerne, view from the restaurant terrace is literally picture perfect. The Alps on the far sight, then the well-groomed green slopes, and the crystal clear water on the lake that touches right to the garden hedges are just so hard to believe that it is all for your eyes without anything in between. No matter how proud they are of the avant-garde interior of the restaurant dining room, who would want to sit inside?

The Location
Restaurant Focus in located in the Park Hotel Vitznau, right on the shores of Lake Lucerne. It is only 45 minutes by car from Zurich and last leg of the drive along Lake of Lucerne is just so breath-taking.

Why We Love It:
The view, the view, and the view. For the first year of owning 2-star Michelin, it can’t go wrong for food and service. But what Focus cuts above other Stars is the view and the ambience that makes you feel exclusive and wonder if heaven would be prettier. It wouldn’t be surprising if you want to go back again right after the first visit. It happens to us too!

Zuri Girl Tips:
Don’t arrive on time! Arrive at least half an hour or 45 minutes early while there’s still light and have a pre-dinner sunset drink in the garden right by the lake. The lake terrace is just across the garden from the restaurant so you can glide elegantly to your table when your appetite is ready.

A whisper: Bellini. Make it only a Bellini here at the lakeside pre-dinner scene. They use real white peaches and serve it perfectly chilled. So yummy that it would put Harry’s Bar in Venice to shame.

And if all of the above still cannot pamper you to the max, go for the Chef table with 9 course menu which is upon reservation.

Restaurant Focus
Park Hotel Vitznau
Seestrasse 18
CH-6354 Vitznau
Phone +41 (0)41 399 60 60

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