Josef – Debunk the Conventions in Zurich


Forget the conventions. The rules are there to be broken!

True, eating out in Switzerland is hardly disappointing – in terms of quality and cleanliness. The standard is high and consistent pretty much everywhere, even at a local hut on top of the mountain. But after a while when it becomes predictable and normalized, one can crave for surprises and out-of-the-ordinary. Josef seems to get that insight, and dares to offer us vibrant people an unconventional alternative.

Here at Josef, there are no main dishes. There is only a list of small ingenious dishes from which you can choose as many as you wish, and enjoy them one by one in the sequence you want. It is a manner of savoring delectable plethora of degustation menu, except that here at Josef you are sitting in a gastro-pub kind of ambience. It is a place with casual, cool, and unpretentious vibe that serves unmistakable palatability. Josef calls its proposition “adventures in modern cuisine.” We call it the “de-swissified dining experience.”

The Location
At a corner of Josefstrasse and Gasometerstrasse in the hip Zurich West.

The Atmosphere
As many restaurant-cum-bar diners, the light is dimmed to give a dark bar ambience but the place is full of dining tables and happy diners everyday. Stools at a long bar are just a parking spot for those waiting for a table. In summer tables on the footpath are filled up first, of course. But in winter inside is indeed vibrant and nice to hang around.

The Menu
There are approximately 15 dishes and 7 desserts on the menu, which change regularly, for you to choose from. All dishes are served in small portions and Josef recommends 3 dishes for normal appetite. It is always hard to choose only 3 out of 15. Zuri Girl loves to choose 3 or 4 and makes sure the accompanying date chooses different ones. If you are a group of 4 or 5, why not order 1 of everything (we did!). Sharing and exchanging the discoveries of palate are a tactful way to close in on intimacy, don’t you think?

The price for 2 plates is CHF 37 per person, 3 plates CHF 49, 4 plates CHF 60, and 5 plates CHF 71. There is also “Josef Menu at CHF 65 which offers a set 4 dishes of food and 1 dessert.

The Drinks
Josef has a full bar with an extensive drink and cocktail list. There will surely be something to top up a spice of your surprise.

Why We Love It
The concept of gastro meal without a big fuss or a big bill makes us keep going back. And of course, a rare chance to debunk the conventions in dining in Switzerland!

Zuri Girl Tip
On Thursday until Saturday Josef opens until 2 a.m. Perfect for chill-out the week’s stress.

Gasometerstrasse 24, CH-8005 ZÜRICH,
Tel: +41 44 271 65 95

The original article in Girlfriend Guide to Zurich can be read here.
Josef – Girlfriend Guide to Zurich






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