The Poshest Restaurant in Zurich – The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand


The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand
Surprisingly the canton of Zurich does not have 3-Michelin-star restaurants. And it has only three 2-star venues, of which only one is located in the city of Zurich. This is probably a more-than-justified reason why Zuri girls have to save the most special celebration for The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand.
If Michelin isn’t enough to convince you, what about 18 GaultMillau points? Or that Bilanz magazine ranked Heiko Nieder, the Chef at The Restaurant, “Hotel Chef of the Year” in July 2013? No need to mention how many awards the institutional Dolder Grand has received for its hotel and spa. Allez! Make a reservation on line, slip in your favorite LBD, grab your Louboutins, and glide on.

The Location
Located right in Zurich’s iconic hotel the Dolder Grand, 10-minute drive from downtown.

The Atmosphere
The Dolder may sit in a historic building dated back to 1899, but the extensive renovation in 2005-2008 dressed the whole hotel inside in a modern glam. The restaurant greets guests with a sleek décor right at the first step inside with shadowy light and floor-to-ceiling wine display behind the reception counter. Generous space between tables and romantic, dimmed light give you ultimate privacy in case some personal moment turns up. Modern red velvet chairs with low backrests add spice to the mood. The white-clothed table has a round light shining from under, spotlighting arriving dishes as queens of the night. Up to ceiling, ah… you surely don’t expect to see traditional murals between wooden frames in contrast with this stylish atmosphere. Maybe it’s a cue for unexpected surprise of the dishes to come?

The Menu
The cuisine is innovative Fine Dining gourmet. While the way to maximize gastronomic experience at a star restaurant like this has to be the journey through degustación menu, The Restaurant is generous to allow diners to choose a la carte dishes from the tasting menu. Zuri girl, of course, should not hold back. Tasting menu is a way to celebrate, and it is thoughtful for the Restaurant to offer a smaller 5 course for girls to still keep their bellies flat in the tiny LBDs. Their dates can enjoy a bigger course of 8 or 12. For whichever course you choose, you can add wine pairing with the option of Classic or Grand. What a treat! Zuri girl loves “Dived scallops from the North Sea with marinated, beef ham, grapes, basil,” but other dishes are also divine especially the first 7 complementary appetizer that are exciting to look at as well as to munch on. We wouldn’t tell more; the surprise has to be discovered by oneself.

The price tag is another reason to save The Restaurant for a special occasion. 5-course menu will scratch you at 198 CHF with additional 91 CHF for Classic and 190 CHF for Grand wine paring. The 12-course comes at 298 CHF, with 155 CHF for Classic and 295 CHF Grand wine paring. Appetizers in a la carte menu range between 48-75 CHF, and main dishes 85-125 CHF. It’d better be a very special occasion!

The Drinks
We must say; the wines selected for pairing are superbly done. If you don’t want to go with the full paring, tell them you would first try from your date’s and choose a glass or two that you like later. They will generously refill if you deplete his glass too soon!

Why We Love It
The Restaurant is not a snob Michelin restaurant that forces you to take only the degustación showcase. You can order a la carte choosing only the dishes you like from the tasting menu. And there’s even a vegetarian menu of 8 or 5 courses that sounds equally heavenly.

Zuri Girl Tip
You can check table availability instantly on line and make a decision on the spot when to book. No more begging for a table like at other Michelin restaurants.

Did You Know
You can also enjoy a 4-course or 5-course meal at lunchtime which The Restaurant recommends the Amuse Bouche Menu.

The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand
Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zürich
Tel+41 44 456 60 00

The original article published in Girlfriend Guide to Zurich can be read at this link.
Dolder Grand







One comment on “The Poshest Restaurant in Zurich – The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand

  1. P. Jaberg says:

    Nice review about surely one of the most sophisticated places in Zurich.

    I must say though that a restaurant like this one is actually not for me. It’s not my crowd hanging out in such places neither do I personally appreciate this kind of kitchen enough. Agreed it is for sure cooked in masterly manner and very well presented, so surely each course is also an eye-candy.

    On the other hand, after searching the link you provided, I also want to add that I find the prices quite outrageous and they surely justify the quality of food provided but for sure not the quantity. I am not speaking of getting over-full but if I payed such a heap of money then at least I expect to be well contented after the dinner, which does not appear to be the case if I see the pictures.

    Allow me another footnote / thought impetus:

    If we look at the prices a dinner runs somewhere between 3 and 400 swiss-francs in total.
    I am fully aware that Switzerland is quite an expensive spot when it comes to eating out and
    especially in high-so places. I admit after having traveled in Thailand many times I have qualms of conscience when I think about the fact, that for the aforementioned amount of money a lot of people have to work one full month in Thailand. This experience and also having seen the hardships of farmers in the rice-paddies really keeps my humble and I personally even more feel no need to go to a restaurant like the Dolder-Grand.

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